Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Healthy Meal #1- Cod Fish, brown rice, & sweetpeas.

                  What you'll Need:
*Cod Fish ( I learned about this fish from Biggest loser season 11 a.k.a last season)
*Whole Wheat Brown Rice
*Steam in bag sweet peas
*Red, Yellow, Orange, Green Bell peppers
*Chop Onion
*Mrs. Dash( salt free)
*Dried Parsley flakes
*Extra Virgin Olive Oil
*Baking Dish
*Pot & Lid( to cook the rice)
*Foil (to cover baking dish)

Because Brown Rice has a different taste- for extra flavor I add the following:
*Red, Yellow, Orange, Green Bell peppers
*Chop Onion
*Dried Parsley flakes
*Extra Virgin Olive Oil

♥Tip: When cooking rice- for the perfect rice everytime: add the rice into the the pot directly in the center of the pot and allow the rice to create a miniture mountain that will slighly pass the water that's in the pot(see video above for an example)
     *When it's too far under the water it creates  baby food rice(soft and mushy)
     *When it's too far over the water it creates Hard rice that even the dog wont eat(uncooked rice)

****Watch your salt intake*****keep your sodium level's as low as possible

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